There is now a high demand for the best shoes for metatarsalgia. And with good reason: for those that endure the daily challenge of this condition, there is nothing more important than having to ensure that you wear only the shoes that are both comfortable and convenient all at the same time.

However, the same couldn’t be said to those who have just gotten to experience such condition – the journey to choosing not only the best but also the right one can be especially tricky.

If you’re still stuck on the selection process and felt that nothing is substantially beneficial, consider the information below as your ultimate guide.

The five products that I’ve personally selected aside, I’ve also collated some of the most valuable information that you need to have before finally choosing the right pair for your feet.

Your days to canning your feet with ease and confidence are officially about to be over. Without dilly-dallying, here are five of the best shoes for metatarsalgia on the market now.

Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia Today

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#1 – ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe


There is no reason why you have to abandon taste and aesthetics when looking for the best pair to ease your condition. With ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes, your feet are not only treated with much care and comfort but alas, all the stylishness and durability are likewise taken into consideration.

Moreover, the shoes are crafted with some of the most lightweight materials – ultimately rendering them to be that suitable for running. As it goes, your feet are also well-ventilated, keeping them from experiencing overheating when subjected into one of those hot runs.

This version also comes with a soft inner cushioning along with the much-needed gel that can be felt right in the shoes’ rear end. Such feature allows the product to be shock- and impact-absorbing – giving your feet that well-deserved protection from metatarsalgia.

The one-of-a-kind reverse lug patterns are also especially noteworthy as they provide optimum traction right when you’re trudging hills. And as the shoes are just about priced fairly, our first item might very well be the one to beat!


  • Colors: Black/Phantom/Mid Grey
  • Material: Synthetic


  • Modern and stylish
  • Comes with strong traction
  • Well-ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Also ideal for those with Plantar Fasciitis
  • Suitable for users with wide feet


  • A little too tight for some users
  • Very large
  • Too squeaky

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#2 – New Balance Men’s M990v3 Running Shoes


This classic running pair of shoes from the much-sought brand comes with all the makings of a sure winner in this segment. Its modern aesthetics aside, the shoes also boast of lightweight and maximum ventilation – two features that should ease your situation as soon as you wear them!

With that being said, comfort and protection should all be experienced especially for those who run with them more than occasionally. Ultimately, the shoes come with healing materials that should definitely make those feet cool and at ease!

The New Balance M99v3 is also ideal during the night. It comes with the groundbreaking reflective details that aids in reflecting the light from them. As such, these shoes should also be ideal when you’re running in the daylight with some traffic in tow.

Alongside that, this item is equipped with a lightweight cushioning insert for strain reduction and low profile rubber lugs for excellent traction that should weather both wet and dry conditions.


  • ​Colors: Grey/White
  • Materials: Suede/Mesh Upper


  • Excellent at eliminating your feet’s soreness
  • Well-ventilated
  • Comes with impeccable support
  • Comes with reflective detailing – ideal during the night and daylight traffic
  • Equipped with blown-rubber forefoot


  • On the pricier side
  • Questionable mesh quality

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#3 – Brooks Womens Ghost 10 Neutral Cushioned Running Shoe


If budget is your concern but you don’t want to compromise quality in that route, the Brooks Ghost 10 should be sitting at the top of your list.

In the package, you’ll be acquainted with a formidable construction – both from synthetic aesthetics and mesh – an amalgamation of optimum strength and ventilation that are all ideal not only for metatarsalgia but also for runners.

Metatarsalgia-challenged users will also be delighted to experience the item’s full segmented crash pad – a feature that should sufficiently absorb shock while providing some relief while running.

Style and flexibility are also paramount on Brooks Ghost 10. This is noticeable on its foam insole and the accompanying crash pad – bringing you an inimitable comfort.

Users are also provided the option to remove insoles and replace them with EVA should they find that they are not that comfortable. Perhaps the only gripe that you can find from this otherwise well thought-out concoction of a pair is its durability.


  • Colors: Black / Pink Peacock / Living Coral
  • Materials: Fabric, Rubber Sole


  • Ideal for narrow feet
  • Highly comfortable and supportive
  • Also suitable for those with bad knees and Plantar Fasciitis
  • Excellent arch support
  • Roomy toe box


  • Not absolutely durable
  • Not ideal for walking long distances
  • Wide in the front

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#4 – New Balance Men’s 928v3 Walking Shoe


If you’re meaning to get back to the basics without losing any of the necessary features to ease up your metatarsalgia, the New Balance Men’s 928v3 Walking Shoe is beastly and clear-cut.

Its construction boasts of the synthetic and mesh materials – a lightweight combination that should win over those that delight on practicality and design. Slipping on any surface is also a thing of the past as the shoes come with a strong rubber outer sole.

Experiencing strain, you said? Our fourth item comes with a compression-molded midsole. This feature is also suitable in lessening any foot problems – providing comfort and relaxation all at the same time.

As it goes, it also is equipped with a PU footbed that is both removable and replaceable. These shoes are ultimately made for those who walk actively. With its ROLLBAR technology, your feet are assured of that efficient alignment – preventing your feet from pronating and ward yourself off from further injuries.


  • Color: Black
  • Materials: Synthetic/Mesh/Rubber Sole


  • Ideal for those who are on their shoes a lot
  • Highly comfortable and lightweight
  • Also suitable for those who enjoy hiking
  • Keeps users from pronating their feet
  • Excellent cushioning


  • On the short side when it comes to sizing
  • Pricey

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#5 – Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe


Much of Saucony Women’s Cohesion 10 Running Shoe’s prowess comes from its ability to counter any known activity right when you’re training on a daily basis.

Equipped with just about more than sufficient cushioning and flexibility, your feet are all bound to enjoy to wonders of running and walking. Dominantly meshed out, the shoes are also effective at ventilation, allowing your feet to sweat out without any accompanying issues, hygienic or not.

Cushioning is further felt with the product’s thick and soft rubber construction which also doubles as a shock-absorber – providing runners their sweet relief. Its internals, on the other side, come with an injection-molded EVA midsole that should be able to cater to any foot type.

  • Colors: Navy Blue
  • Materials: Mesh, Rubber Sole


  • Excellent support and cushioning
  • Great traction
  • Ideal for running, aerobic workouts, and circuit training
  • Breathable mesh
  • Suitable for those with wide feet and bunions


  • A bit on the bulkier and thicker side
  • Wobbly arch support
  • No cushion in the footbed

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Choosing the Best Shoes for Metatarsalgia: Key Things to Consider

There are now tons of advertisements claiming that the shoes they provide should relieve your metatarsalgia. And while there is truth in most of these, some of these options can sometimes worsen your condition, especially if you’re not armed with the right know-hows to filtering the best pair of the bunch.

In this section, you’ll be provided with only the vital considerations you need to be jotting on your checklist now:

1. Weight

All shoes are meant to be worn without having much to worry just about how heavy it is in the long run. As it is, it’s critical that the shoes that you choose come with possibly some of the lightest materials out there.

So, what exactly are these materials? Lightweight metatarsalgia shoes are equipped of mesh or other materials that resemble or are associated to mesh.

In case you’re wondering, mesh materials are very much known for its breathable quality which ultimately wards your feet off from growing fungus and harmful bacteria from the moisture that is developed over time. On the other hand, this same breathability ensures that the life of your shoes are extended.

2. The Inner Sole

Otherwise known as the footbed, your shoes’ inner sole should also be considered to making your metatarsalgia a little less burdensome. And while this shoe part can sometimes be removed, this section should cradle every section of your shoes quite effectively.

Meanwhile, a specifically-crafted ortho insert can also be placed right inside the footwear that is likewise tailored to any user’s feet. The inner sole for this specific shoe, along with the user’s foot’s height of the arch, should be especially thickened right in the arch bed.

Moreover, the foot area of the inner sole’s ball should come with luxurious pads that can absorb shock accordingly. On the other hand, a hard and thinner inner sole won’t be able to support the ball of the foot properly.

You may also want to look for perforations right in these shoes’ inner soles as these should provide that much needed moisture-wicking ability and provide air circulation. This moisture should be able to develop right in between the shoes’ sole and your feet.

3. The outer sole

Your shoes’ outer sole should also be considered when you have metatarsalgia. The visible part of your shoes, this section is also the largest portion that you can find at the bottom.

In terms of the outer sole’s materials, you’ll find that rubber is the most sought-after as it is one of the lightest materials out there. Rubbers are also proven to be the most durable and shock-absorbing.

Also, as rubber outer soles come with traction groves, these soles allow them to be resistant to slippings. Rubber soles are also known to be next to being completely indestructible. In this case, these soles can definitely take a beating and should be advantageous for runners.

4. The size and the width

Just like with other shoes, it is paramount that you choose those that come with the proper fitting, bar none. As it goes, one of the largest contributors to the challenges of metatarsalgia is wearing the improper ones.

Veer away from shoes that not wide enough or are too wide and small or may be too spacious for your feet. Ultimately, if your shoes are fitted correctly, your feet should be able to be held in place and should keep them from having to move a lot inside.

Meanwhile, the shoes’ toe box along with its width is crucial to ensuring that your feet and toes are comforted and therefore not cramped. This should also make safeguard the bones of your feet from being stressed; as it goes, the accompanying nerves won’t suffer from getting pinched unnecessarily.

5. Durability

If associated with metatarsalgia, your shoes’ durability won’t only mean that it should stand the test of time. More importantly, this feature should also entail that it can hold up on a daily basis whether or not the shoes are subjected to conditions that they are made to counter accordingly.

As such, that would also mean that it should keep your feet supported while you walk or run, either forcibly or naturally. When determining your shoes’ durability, it’s important that you consider vital qualities.

These include the construction of the shoe, the level of softness, the strength of the sole, and the consistency of footbeds. When all of these are present, the longevity of your shoes should be enhanced. Ensure that you ask these pertinent information right before you select the shoes for your metatarsalgia.

Concluding Thoughts

When choosing the best pair of shoes for your metatarsalgia, it’s only vital that you know what and how your feet should appeal to them. Needless to say, you must ensure that you try them out first before you make that final purchase.

As it goes with our selections today, I’ve made it sure that all of these shoes are fitted first right before I provided the reviews. Evidently, all of these shoes should ease if not support your current condition.

More importantly, the presented list is all varied that you can choose from them whether you’re the minimalist type or the outdoorsy one.


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