When it comes to sneakers, there are a lot of options out there. But when it comes to stylish and comfortable sneakers, two brands stand out: Converse and Vans. Both brands offer a variety of sneaker styles, but which one is better?

In this article, we’ll compare the two brands and see which one comes out on top.

There are a lot of different types of shoes out there, and it can be tough to decide which ones to buy. If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable option, you may be wondering if Converse Lift or Platform shoes are right for you. Here’s a quick comparison of the two styles to help you make a decision.

Converse Lift shoes have a thicker sole that gives you a little bit of extra height. They’re still comfortable and easy to wear, but they’ll make you look just a little bit taller. Platform shoes have an even thicker sole that can add quite a bit of height.

They’re also very fashionable at the moment, so if you want to make a statement with your footwear, platform shoes are the way to go. So, which style should you choose? It really depends on what you’re looking for in a shoe.

If you want something comfortable and classic, Converse Lift is probably the better option. If you’re looking for something fashion-forward and attention-grabbing, platform shoes are the way to go. Whichever style you choose, you can’t go wrong with either one!

Converse Platform High Top Review (WATCH THIS BEFORE YOU BUY)

Converse Platform

A platform is a type of shoe with a very thick sole. The term “platform” can also refer to the raised portion of the sole, which may be made of wood, rubber, or plastic. Platform shoes have been around since ancient times—they were even worn by Ancient Egyptian women!

In the early 20th century, platform shoes became popular again as a fashion statement. Today, platforms are worn by people of all genders and ages for both style and comfort. Converse is one of the most popular brands of sneakers in the world.

The company was founded in 1908 as a rubber shoe company specializing in galoshes and other rubber footwear. In 1915, Converse released its first basketball shoe, which quickly became popular among players because of its high-top design that provided ankle support. The company’s signature Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker was introduced in 1917 and has been beloved by athletes and celebrities alike ever since.

In recent years, Converse has expanded its line to include more fashionable styles such as slip-ons and low-tops, but the Chuck Taylor remains an iconic part of the brand. Platforms have been having a moment in fashion recently, appearing on everything from runways to red carpets. And what better way to rock a pair of platforms than with a pair of iconic Chuck Taylors?

Converse offers a variety of platform styles for both men and women, so you can find the perfect pair to suit your personal style. Whether you’re looking for something classic or trendy, there’s sure to be a pair of Converses that’s perfect for you!

Converse Lift Vs Platform

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Are Converse Platform Lift Good?

When it comes to sneakers, there are few brands as iconic as Converse. The company has been making shoes since 1908, and their classic Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker is one of the most popular shoes in the world. In recent years, Converse has expanded their line to include a number of different styles, including the platform lift sneaker.

But are these shoes any good? In short, yes! Platform lift sneakers from Converse are comfortable, stylish, and versatile.

They provide a subtle boost that can make you look and feel taller without being too dramatic or over-the-top. And because they’re from Converse, you know you’re getting a high-quality product that will last for years to come. If you’re looking for a new pair of sneakers that will add a little bit of height and style to your look, then platform lift sneakers from Converse are definitely worth checking out!

How Much Taller Do Platform Converse Make You?

Assuming you are talking about the original Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, they have a 0.75 inch heel. This would give the wearer a 0.375 inch increase in height.

What Does Lifting in Converse Mean?

Lifting in Converse is a type of strength training that uses your own body weight as resistance. The most common type of lifting in Converse is push-ups, but you can also do pull-ups, sit-ups, and crunches. By using your own body weight, you can get a great workout without needing any equipment.

Are Platform Converse Better for Your Feet?

There are a few things to consider when deciding if platform Converse are better for your feet. The first is the height of the platform. If the platform is too high, it can put strain on your Achilles tendon and cause problems with your balance.

Platforms that are too low won’t provide any benefit for your feet. You also need to consider the materials that the platform is made from. A soft, cushioned material will provide more support and comfort for your feet than a hard, rigid material.

Finally, you need to make sure that theplatforms are the right size for your feet. If they’re too big or too small, they can cause problems with stability and foot pain.


There are many reasons to choose a platform over a lift when it comes to sneakers. Platforms provide more stability and support, which is ideal for people who have problems with their ankles or feet. They also tend to be more comfortable and offer better protection from the elements.


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