Blundstones tend to run large, so it is recommended to size down when purchasing. Blundstone boots have a reputation for running big, so it is advisable to opt for a smaller size when buying a pair.

These Australian-made boots are known for their durable construction and comfortable fit, but the sizing can be a bit tricky. Many customers have found that their usual shoe size is too big when they try on Blundstones. To ensure the best fit, it is suggested to go down one size when purchasing Blundstone boots.

This will help prevent any potential discomfort or fit issues and ensure a snug and supportive fit for your feet.

Factors That Affect Blundstone Sizing

Blundstones sizing can vary based on factors like materials used, construction, design, and gender differences. The materials in Blundstone boots can affect how they fit. The construction and design of the boots can also impact the sizing. For instance, certain styles may run bigger or smaller than others.

Additionally, there may be variations in sizing between men’s and women’s Blundstone boots. It’s essential to consider these factors when determining your Blundstone size to ensure a comfortable fit.

Understanding Blundstone Size Guides

Blundstone size can be a bit tricky to figure out, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Start by measuring your foot accurately. Refer to the Blundstone size guide, decoding the chart can help you find the perfect fit. Avoid relying solely on your regular shoe size, as Blundstones tend to run differently.

Keep in mind that different models may have slight variations in sizing. To ensure a comfortable fit, check the tips for selecting the right Blundstone size. Consider factors like toe room, width, and arch support. If you’re still unsure, it’s always a good idea to try them on or consult customer reviews for insights.

With these guidelines in mind, you’ll be stepping out in your perfect pair of Blundstones in no time.

Customer Experiences With Blundstone Sizing

Blundstones sizing can vary based on customer experiences. Some consider them to run bigger or smaller. Recommendations often suggest sizing up or down. Customer feedback highlights both comfort and fit. The key is to try on different sizes to find the right fit.

Keep in mind that Blundstones tend to have a roomy fit, allowing for thicker socks. It’s important to read reviews and consider other customers’ opinions on Blundstone fit. Ultimately, personal preference and foot shape also play a role. Experimenting with sizing options and relying on customer experiences can help you make an informed decision before purchasing Blundstones.

Do Blundstones Run Big Or Small


Expert Interviews On Blundstone Sizing

Blundstones sizing can vary, but experts offer valuable insights. Footwear specialists emphasize accurate measurements to determine the right fit. Blundstone retailers suggest trying on multiple sizes and considering the intended use. Seasoned Blundstone wearers recommend factoring in desired comfort level and arch support.

Remember to consider the type of socks you typically wear with your Blundstones. It’s helpful to assess the fitting instructions provided by Blundstone and any customer reviews for reference. Ultimately, finding the right fit can differ depending on foot shape and personal preference.

Take the time to explore size charts and gather advice from knowledgeable sources to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

How To Adjust Blundstone Sizing

When it comes to Blundstones, sizing can be a bit tricky. Adjusting the fit is essential, especially if you find them running either too big or too small. Dealing with a loose fit? Don’t worry! There are a few tricks you can try.

To start, consider wearing thicker socks or adding extra insoles for a snugger feel. Additionally, you can try using heel inserts or tongue pads to prevent any slipping or sliding. On the other hand, if your Blundstones feel uncomfortably tight, try stretching them out.

Stuffing them with bags of water and leaving them overnight can help expand the leather. Moreover, wearing them with thick socks and practicing a bit of patience can also aid in breaking them in. Remember, finding the right size is crucial for your comfort and enjoyment of your Blundstones.

Final Thoughts On Blundstone Sizing

Blundstones sizing can be a bit tricky, and it’s important to get the right fit. Key factors to consider are the length, width, and arch support. When it comes to length, Blundstones tend to run slightly large, so you may want to consider sizing down.

For width, they generally run true to size, but if you have narrow feet, you may want to size down as well. As for arch support, Blundstones have a minimal arch, so if you require more support, you can consider adding insoles.

Overall, it’s recommended to try on different sizes and styles to find the perfect fit for you. Remember, everyone’s feet are unique, so what works for someone else may not work for you. So take your time and find the right size for your Blundstones.

Frequently Asked Questions On Do Blundstones Run Big Or Small

Should Blundstones Be Tight At First?

Yes, Blundstones should be tight at first. When you first put on a pair of Blundstones, they may feel snug or even slightly uncomfortable. However, this is normal and part of the breaking-in process. Blundstones are made from high-quality leather, which will gradually mold to the shape of your feet over time, providing a customized and comfortable fit.

A snug fit ensures that the boots provide the necessary support and stability. As you wear them, the leather will stretch and soften, allowing for a more relaxed fit. It is important not to purchase Blundstones that are too tight, as this may cause unnecessary discomfort.

It is recommended to wear them around the house or for short periods initially, gradually increasing the wear time to allow the leather to adjust to your feet.

Should I Order A Half Size In Blundstones?

Yes, if you plan to order Blundstones, it’s recommended to go for a half size. Blundstone boots typically run larger, so opting for a smaller size will provide a better fit. Having a snug fit prevents your feet from sliding and ensures maximum comfort while wearing them.

Remember that when choosing the half size, it’s advisable to consider the thickness of your socks or any insoles you may use. This will help you achieve the right fit. Ordering a half size down will result in a more secure and comfortable fit for your Blundstone boots.

Are Blundstones One Size Too Big?

No, Blundstones are not one size too big.

What Are Blundstone Sizing?

Blundstone sizing is designed to provide a comfortable fit for your feet. The sizes available range from US 5 to US 15, with half sizes also offered for most models. To find your Blundstone size, it’s recommended to measure your feet using the brand’s sizing guide.

Keep in mind that Blundstone boots typically run half a size larger, so you may need to adjust accordingly. Additionally, Blundstone offers different width options for select styles, allowing you to choose a more personalized fit. It’s important to note that the sizing may vary slightly between different models due to variations in design and materials used.

To ensure the best fit, it’s advisable to try on the boots before making a purchase, or refer to customer reviews to gauge the sizing accuracy of a specific model.


Determining the correct size for Blundstone boots can be a bit tricky, as they tend to run larger than standard shoe sizes. It is recommended to go down a half or full size when purchasing Blundstones. However, it is important to consider individual preferences and foot characteristics as well.

Factors such as arch height, foot width, and personal comfort should be taken into account when selecting the right size. Additionally, it can be helpful to consult the Blundstone size chart and read customer reviews for guidance. Ultimately, the best approach is to try on different sizes and styles to find the perfect fit.

Keep in mind that properly sized Blundstones should provide ample room for toes to wiggle and a comfortable fit throughout the day. So, be sure to consider these factors when choosing your Blundstone size to ensure ultimate comfort and style.

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