How To Blouse Boots: Know Different Methods Of Achieving The Perfect

Blousing boots is not only considered a fashion statement. In fact, this is important especially for service members, and they must know the proper way of how to blouse boots. However, this can also be useful for those who appreciate outdoor activities like hunting or hiking.

Blousing boots are vital to keeping dirt and debris out and away from the boots. This also prevents any insects from getting inside your boots. It is also mandatory for service members to do since they are always on the move.

During the cold weather, blousing boots also helps keep cold air from coming up the pant leg while retaining the much-needed heat. This also gives the neat and formal overall look. There are several ways of blousing boots that you can try.

Blousing boots may be something that is not usually done by everyone but you will be surprised at how easy these methods are. In this article, I will impart the different ways to blouse your boots so you can learn and try it yourself.

Method 1: Use elastic bands

What You Will Need

Using elastic bands is the quickest and easiest way to blouse your boots. You can use the standard elastic bands or rubber bands to complete this method.​

Although this method is quick and easy, keep in mind that there may be instances of your pants slipping out. Moreover, prolonged use of elastic bands is not very beneficial for your circulation. 

  • Hiking boots, work boots or combat boots
  • Thick pair of socks
  • Hunting, army or any tight fit pants
  • Elastic bands or rubber bands

Step - by - Step Procedure

  1. ​​​​To start, put your pants, socks, and boot on.
  2. Pull up your pants and tie the elastic bands around your leg. You can do this around the area on top of your sock.
  3. Take the bottom of your pants and tuck it inside with the elastic band. Fix the fabric and make sure that everything is nicely tucked in. This will create a balloon look.
  4. Pull your pants down just right above your boots.

To watch how this is done, click here.

Method 2: Blousing straps inside the pants

What You Will Need

This requires a little more effort compared the first method but with a better outcome. Wearing blouse straps inside the pants makes the overall look neater. This method also is more comfortable and has less possibility of your pants slipping out.

Resorting to this method is also great for avoiding the cold air from coming up the pant leg. However, since it takes a little more effort to complete, this method is something you can’t do on the go.

  • Any pair of boots
  • Your choice of pants
  • Blousing straps

Step - by - Step Procedure

  1. With your pants, socks, and boots on, the first thing you need to do is pull your pants all the way down to the floor.
  2. From the inside, take the bottom of your pants and pull it up to your leg. Pull it up as far as you can.
  3. At this point, your pants that is turned inside out is rolled up to your leg, straighten it up to make sure everything is neat.
  4. Tie the blouse straps around your leg and over your pants. This will secure the pants from the inside.
  5. Pull your pants back up. You will notice the bottom of your pants already has that balloon look.
  6. Adjust the length of your pants by pulling it down just around the collar of your boots.

Watch the video version of this process here.

Method 3: Use battle dress uniform pants or BDU

What You Will Need

To make things a lot easier, you can always opt to use battle dress uniform pants or simply referred to as BDU. These are readily available and can be purchased at any army surplus store or online.

Suitable for any outdoor activities, hiking, and hunting, BDUs are made to be very durable. It is consists of two layers of fabric. This inside layer comes with blousing ties and the outer layer covers the bloused boots.

  • Pair of socks
  • Any boots of your choosing
  • Pair of battle dress uniform pants

Step - by - Step Procedure

  1. Put your BDU pants, socks, and boots on.
  2. At the bottom of your BDU pants, you will find the blousing ties already inserted inside the hem of your pants. To tighten the bottom of your pants, pull the blousing ties and tie it around your ankle section.
  3. Adjust the outer layer of your BDU pants over the collar of your boots to finish the look.

Method 4: Tucking your pants in

What You Will Need

If in case you do not have elastic bands, blousing straps or battle dress uniform pants available, you can try this option. Tucking your pants into your boots is the simplest and easiest way to achieve the bloused boot look.

This is as effective when it comes to keeping dirt and debris away from your boots. However, this may be ineffective when it comes to protection against cold air compared to the other methods.

  • Any boots of your choosing
  • Any pair of pants available

Step - by - Step Procedure

  1. Put your socks and pants on.
  2. Straighten the fabric around your ankle area and fold the excess fabric in the back.
  3. Put on your boots.
  4. Tuck the bottom of your pants inside your boots.
  5. Tighten and tie your boots to secure your pants and finish the look.

Tip: You can also opt to tuck the outer layer of your BDU pants inside the collar of your boots. This will serve as an additional protection against the cold, debris, and insects.


Now that you have learned the different ways on how to properly blouse your boots, you can go ahead and try them out. Boot blousing is not only for service members, this can be useful in cases of any outdoor activities that you may want to embark on.

Being properly dressed has its benefits and moreover, it allows you to stop worrying and just savor the moments of your adventure.

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