Are you tired of searching for the best fit for your feet; we all know how it feels, right? Super annoying when it fits too loose or so tight that you get scratched on your feet. The average shoe size is not listed but is to say 10.5 with medium width whereas 70% of men and 80% of women get their shoe size wrong. Don’t be surprised it’s prevalent to get this thing wrong as people sometimes have two different-sized feet. While you might have narrow or wide feet, which affects your size eventually, many people can’t find the difference between 9.5 inches and 10 inches, and you are too confused about the fact if your toe should touch the toe box or not. Some also prefer to buy shoes an inch bigger than their actual size. You sometimes feel afraid that after buying your new pairs of shoes if they will suit you or not, I know. Don’t worry; you got a solution cause I know how it feels to be in that position; let’s get started, so you know how to tell if shoes are too big. Join me and learn these tips so that you never need to worry again.

Know your size

Wear the shoe, and walk in the store. It’s that simple Sound silly? It’s not. While it is the most important part, remember these steps.

Analyze wearing first

choose the shoe first and be constant on the sort; if you’re planning for sneakers, you’ve got to judge the lace once you pull it tight to understand it fits comfortably and know if it’s wide for your feet. If you are trying the dress shoe or the formal shoe, try to land a finger in the gap of your feet and the shoe from the backside; see if you can fit more than one finger; if yes, then know that the shoe is big for you. Again for wearing heels, you must have very little room to spare from the back and keep 1cm between heels and skin. If your heels are getting out of the rear, they’re too long for you.

Walk until you spot

walking is a must when you are buying shoes until you spot the difference and know what to change. If your feet are sliding back and forth when you walk, then the boots are too big for you. It would be best if you then considered going half or 1 inch down. If the feet slide sideways, then the shoes are too wide for you. Consider taking an inch less from that size to decrease by both length and width and try it out.

Stretch your feet

look that if you can stretch your feet inside the shoe, which means to see the gap between your edge of the shoe and the toe box as if you can pull from the back to top front and can move or curl your toes then the shoe is big for you. Take a size less down from that.
Analyze the tips, and you can rise or lower the size taking in mind the length and width and get a perfect size. Let’s dig a little deeper.

The difference between tight and close-fitting

It’s vital to understand the difference between tight shoes and shoes that are snug.
Too tight- the shoe tight in length makes your toes go numb, making you feel very uncomfortable and will rub against your heel making injury to your feet. But you can quickly know the tightness in width as you will find it hard to squish your feet in that.

Close-fitting- on the opposite hand, a close-fitting one is genuinely your exact size but may seem to be tight because of the material or style. These are the pairs you love to put on but will feel tight and stiff due to fitting. If buying leather shoes, always go for the snug side.
There are some more extra tips coming on your way.

Are you wearing big shoes?

Don’t you hate it when you bought a pair of shoe that is bigger than your feet; the easiest solution is to get them replaced, right? But not everyone can afford that and replace them at once. Now you must know what to do if your shoes are too big so you can wear them and get out without being sad.

Choosing Thick socks will fill the gap between the back of the shoe and feet making it more comfortable and reducing the to and fro while using them.

Using newspaper, you can use crumpled newspaper as filler in the sole and between the heels and the shoe gap. You can do that if you don’t have thick socks to wear or don’t like the combination of thick shocks with the shoe.

Breaking in the Shoe

Breaking in the shoe is not a technique; instead, it is to get comfortable or get habited with a new shoe. It will help your feet get cozy with oversized shoes, and you can with no stress wear them. All you do is walk around the house, putting on the shoe until you get the idea. It will help you wear them without losing balance in the long run. Then again, always remember to tie your laces tightly so you don’t fall off when walking on the street. These laces also give an advantage when wearing oversized shoes.

The tip-top fit

Good for you, now that you have the tips for answering the way to tell if shoes are too big or too small, At this point, you realize what signifies the right fit? So to sum it up. Shoes with an ideal fit provide adequate room within the toe area for wiggling but not sliding. Moreover, they’re snug and offer proper ankle and knee support without harming your heels or causing swellings. Bam! I hope you got all you want, so go ahead and buy your favorite shoe without confusion and step out confidently with it.

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