How To Tie Bean Boots? Discovering More Ways Than One!

The season of bean boots is finally here and everybody wants to wear them loud and proud. However, the stress is actually on how to tie bean boots. This has been a challenge to most people and learning more ways than one can be an absolute advantage. You can opt to play around and explore or stick around so we can recommend a few ways

In this guide, I will assist you with the different ways of how to tie bean boots. In addition to that, I will share some tips when it comes to buying the perfect pair of bean boots

Things You Will Need

A pair of bean boots - Of course you would need your pair of bean boots ready
Laces - essential for tying up your pair of bean boots

How To Tie Bean Boots? The Step by Step Procedure

There are several ways that you can opt for to tie your bean boots. This depends on which technique you want to use. Now, if you are ready, here are the following ways you can follow on how to tie your bean boots

how to tie bean boots
  • Traditional Lacing (Criss-Cross Method). The first method to tie your bean boots is the traditional way. This is done by crisscrossing the laces and tying it up with a simple bow to finish
  • 1
    Start off by inserting the laces on the bottom eyelets. Be sure that the length of laces is equal for both sides
  • 2
    Follow it up by inserting the laces from one side to the other. This will create a criss-cross pattern
  • 3
    Repeat this pattern until you have reached the top of your bean boot
  • 4
    Finish it up with a simple but tight bow
  • Curled Lacing (Untied with Curled Ends). Another way you can use is the curled lacing method. This basically leaves your laces untied but with curled ends to it. It is an easy and very creative way of tying your bean boots
  • 1
    To begin, follow the same steps when on doing the traditional lacing method
  • 2
    Once you have reached the top of your bean boots, instead of finishing it up with a bow, you will leave it untied
  • 3
    Next is to hold the top part of the lace, hold it out for about inches away from your bean boots
  • 4
    Fold the lace over to create a loop and let the remaining part hang loose
  • 5
    Take the remaining lace and slowly wrap it around the loop
  • 6
    Take the remaining piece and insert it into the loop and pull the lace to tighten it
  • 7
    Do the same exact thing on the other side to complete the look
  • 8
    To have a more constructive idea on how this is done, watch this video
  • Untied Method. This method as the term suggests, this leaves the ends of the laces untied. This allows you to move with more ease. Using this method also creates space if you want to tuck your pants in
  • 1
    Begin the process with the traditional crisscross lacing
  • 2
    Once you have reached the top of the bean boot, check how much lace is remaining
  • 3
    Since you will leave the lace untied and not want the remaining lace dragging out, loosen each crisscross as much as you could. This will give you more space if in case you want to tuck your pants or jeans into your bean boots
  • 4
    You can leave the short ends of the lace as is or you can create a simple knot to keep it secured

What are Bean Boots?

Created back in 1911, bean boots were originally terms as Maine Hunting boots and are designed to be water resistant duck boots. They are manufactured by LL Bean and are constructed with a leather upper and a rubber bottom. Ever since it was created, bean boots have been famous

Its popularity and demand usually increase during the cold seasons. It was conceptualized when Mr. Bean noticed his hunting boots often get wet during the cold season. This is why he came up with the idea of combining leather and rubber to create the bean boots

Easy Guide On Buying Bean Boots

As a bonus, here are a few tips on buying a pair of bean boots. You can consider these tips for you to land that ideal pair

Decide on the Height

The height of your bean boots will hugely depend on the activities you will usually do. Another factor will be the season or weather condition. The most famous bean boots typically are the moc, 6-inches, and 8-inches

During spring or fall, the moc and 6-inches are the ideal height to go for. On the other hand, for the cold seasons, you can choose the 8-inch bean boots

Get the Right Size

Sizes for bean boots can be a little tricky to get right. You need to be extra careful to determine the perfect size that will fit you just right. They offer whole sizes for bean boots so you need to learn a trick or two

If for example, you are a half-size, you need to go for the whole size smaller. Take it that you are a 7.5, you should go for a size 7 for a bean boot

Consider the Type of Lining

Another aspect you need to consider is the type of lining that the bean boots come with. Depending on the weather conditions, you can choose from shearling-lined, Gore-Tex / Thinsulate-lined, and Thinsulate-lined pair of bean boots

For snowy weather conditions, the shearling-lined pair of bean boots is best. To keep your feet dry during excessively wet weather, a pair of bean boots with Gore-Tex / Thinsulate is ideal. Lastly, during fall or cold seasons, you can opt for a pair with Thinsulate lining


Since the cold season is here, it is the perfect time to bring out or purchase a pair of bean boots. They have always been a big thing during the cold season 

Wearing them as part of your daily wardrobe means you need to also know ways on how to tie them. As you have learned, there are more ways than one when it comes to tying your bean boots. Keep these methods in mind and remember to keep your feet warm during this season

How To Tie Bean Boots

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