Most of the successful and health-conscious hunters give waterproofing hunting boots to their top priority considering comfort, hygiene, safety, and longevity for their hunting expeditions. The only way to get these benefits is to learn how to waterproof your boots. Hopefully, you will be able to get an overall idea of this content.

The major steps to waterproofing your hunting boots are discussed below.

Steps for waterproofing hunting boots

Step 1# Choose the right Waterproofing Products

There are different kinds of waterproofing products available in the market but all are not suitable for all kinds of shoes. Generally, waterproofing products are designed for full-grain leather or rough leathers like suede. Before buying waterproofing treatment, read the product descriptions and applying instructions to select the best product for your boots.

Popular Waterproofing treatments are:


Using wax is an old method for waterproofing leather boots.  Substance has chemical properties that repel any kind of water.

A large number of survival experts use this useful method on their every outdoor trip. Applying wax to the boots is very easy and most of the people have a good experience.

Keep the boots and the wax in a place where the temperature is high. Leave them for a few hours to make leather softer and wax easier to use. Now, apply the wax and remove the excess. All is completely done.

Leather Preservatives

The leather preservative is a simple and affordable chemical but really beneficial.  To use it, you need to clean the surface and let it get dry fully. Apply the preservative and after one hour remove any excess. You may use the treatment when the weather is going to turn bad for better performances. It is a time-consuming method but these chemicals do not damage the leather.

Waterproof Sprays

This method is getting popularity gradually. Waterproofing sprays like Nikwax Nubuck & Suede Spray are actually useful. In term of preserving the texture of the leather and restoring the natural property spray is a suitable choice. 

You can carry this spray easily with you anywhere since it comes in a tiny container. Before applying the spray, it is so necessary to clean the boots but it is more forgiving than other treatments here. For example, when you apply wax, you have to clean the boots properly, but using the spray can remove the dirt almost fully from the surface of the shoes.

Cleaning Gel for footwear

Cleaning gel is another product to waterproof boots. It is useful to protect leather as well as seals and the boots will stay just like new for a longer period. At the same time, it makes them waterproof.

Step 2# Prepare Your Boots for Waterproofing:

Clean and damp shoes help Waterproofing products to work effectively. This is why, you need to make sure the cleaning of your boots.

Clean your hunting boots:

It is very essential to ensure that your shoes are perfectly clean before starting waterproofing process. Waterproofing products doesn’t work properly on the shoes with dirt and grime. Keeping your shoes clean is very urgent for giving your shoes long lasting quality. Use a brush to remove dirt’s from your shoes. If any dirt remain in the shole of the shoes, sink these in water for 2/3 hours, then remove all kind of dirt’s. Dry up your shoes with air till it turns into little bit damp.

Apply The Waterproofing Treatment:

Be sure that water is completely soaked into the thickness of the boot leather. After finishing to clean the boots, the time is absolutely perfect. Running water over your boots is not enough; it will take little bit long time to soak water into the leather. Wrap a wet cloth around the boots and let them sit in a utility sink for a few hours, if your boots aren’t wet. Apply the waterproofing treatment after getting the water soaked into the shoes. Steps vary, so read and carefully follow the application instructions for your product.

Dry And Store After Application:

At this stage of the waterproofing process, it is very important to dry boots in a place at normal temperature with low humidity. Avoid using any heat source. In this case, a fan may be very useful to dry them faster. Stuff newspaper into the boots to speed drying; change the paper again and again until it is damp.

Store the boots in well-ventilated place where temperatures are normal.

Final Thoughts

In the last portion of this discussion, we can say that, after reading this article, you have a very well idea about the entire process of how to waterproof hunting boots. Now it’s your turn. You may select the appropriate treatment and apply them to your boots to enjoy the waterproofing facilities.

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