How to Wear Boot Socks: The Interesting Ways on How to Wear Differently

As an avid shoe collector, I have uncovered many ways to wear my boots and what to go with them perfectly. There was even time that I have wondered how to wear boot socks and if there are different ways I could do it.

Socks are a vital accessory to wear with any type of footwear. It provides enough warmth your feet need during the cold weather. It is also an absolute protection against possible blistering.

There are several interesting ways of wearing boots socks. Often times, you might think there is just the standard way of wearing them. However, you can actually have a little fun and try out these various ways that I will be sharing with you.

You will be astonished at the difference it makes on your overall look if you decide to change things up a bit. Furthermore, I have some tips for finding the right boot socks that you might find very helpful.

Option 1: Boot Socks with Ankle Boots

What You Will Need

For this method, a pair of ankle boots will be perfect. Partner it with a long pair of boot socks that will add to the flair of the look you are trying to achieve. It is also best to wear leggings or any skinny jeans for this method.

  • Pair of boot socks
  • Pair of ankle boots
  • Any pants of your choosing (preferably skinny jeans or leggings)


1. Given that you have your leggings or skinny jeans on, put on your boots socks. You have to wear them over your leggings or skinny jeans.

2. Pull them up your leg as far as you could. After which, put on your ankle boots.

3. Your boot socks now appear higher compared to your boots. To complete this look, bunch your boot socks down. This will leave about 3 to 4 inches of scrunched boot sock just above your boots.

(Tip: This is also possible with boots that are taller in height, but make sure that your boot socks have more length than your boots to achieve the scrunched look.)

Option 2: Boot Socks with Riding Boots

What You Will Need

Since riding boots are taller compared to other types of boots, you will need boot socks that are a bit longer than your riding boots. 

  • Pair of boot socks
  • plus-circle
    Pair of riding boots
  • plus-circle
    Any pants of your choosing (preferably skinny jeans or leggings)


1. First, put on your favorite skinny jeans or leggings. Subsequently, put on your pair of boot socks over your skinny jeans or leggings. Make sure that the length of your boot socks is longer than your boots.

2. Put on your riding boots. There should be about half an inch of your boot sock peeking through just above your riding boots.

(Tip: You can also try to use this look even with midlevel height boots. Just keep in mind that your boot sock must be a little longer compared to the height of the boot.)

Option 3: Slightly Exposed

What You Will Need

For this method, it is ideal to use any mid level boots paired with your boot socks. This particular way or method of wearing boot socks is inspired by how men wear their footwear with socks slightly exposed.

  • Pair of boot socks
  • plus-circle
    Pair of any mid level boots
  • plus-circle
    Any pants of your choosing (preferably cropped pants or boyfriend jeans)


1. For this option, start with putting on your boot socks first. Pull them up your leg as far as you could.

2. Next is to put on any pants of your choosing, followed by the pair of boots you opted to wear.

3. Fold the ends of your pants about two to three times. You will notice that your boot socks are slightly exposed after doing this.

(Tip: This option will look good on cropped pants or any boyfriend jeans.)

Finding The Right Boot Sock

Here are a few tips on finding the right boot sock. You can consider these things when looking for or buying your boot socks.

1. Thickness

When choosing the right boot sock, you must consider its thickness. The thickness of your sock can change the fullness of your foot while wearing your boots. If you have picked boot socks that are too thick, your boots may seem too tight because of it.

Choose a pair of boot socks that give you enough thickness to serve as a cushion and also secure your foot from too much rubbing against the insides of your boot while walking.

2. Fabric

Another crucial thing to consider is the fabric. The fabric of your boot socks brings in comfort at the same time serves as insulation to keep your feet warm.

Synthetic fabrics are considered best in doing these jobs. They provide great insulation while absorbing moisture and keeping it away from your foot. In this way, you won’t have to worry about smelly feet even if you are wearing that all covered up boots.

  • Tip 1: A great pair of boot socks provides enough cushion to prevent friction and also absorbs moisture. Too much friction between your foot and your boots accompanied with moisture will eventually result in severe blisters.
  • Tip 2: Like all things that possess all the ideal qualities you are looking for, the best pair of boot socks come with a price. Be ready to spend more to have them but rest assured every penny is worth it.


When wearing your footwear, in this case, your boots with boot socks or any other accessories, you can always go the non-conventional way. Add flair and have fun while conceptualizing your overall look.

Aside from the ways that I have shared with you in this article, you can also discover a lot more conceivable ways of wearing boot socks.

I urge you to explore a little and always have an adventurous mind. Lastly, best not forget to always treat your shoes with care because they can take you to exciting places. 

Was this article able to answer the question that you might have on how to wear boot socks? Do you find the additional tips on finding the right boot sock helpful? Do you find the step by step guide useful?

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