Red Wing vs Wolverine: Guide On These Two Popular Brands

For men, a great, sturdy pair of boots is considered one of the essentials. Choosing the perfect pair can be a bit confusing especially between Red Wing vs Wolverine which are two of the most famous brands when it comes to boots.

Both brands have established a formidable reputation and are known to produce high quality footwear.

In this article, I will discuss the similarities and differences between the Red Wing and Wolverine. In this way you will have detailed knowledge on which brand best fits your needs. Furthermore, I will share some additional information that may come in handy for you.

Red Wing vs Wolverine: What They Have In Common?

When it comes to American boots, there are only two names that usually pops up, Red Wing and Wolverine. They have been in the business of making footwear and both offer extremely well-crafted products.

Moreover, they often have quite the same styles and price range. With that said, consumers find it difficult to choose between the two.

Aside from similarities in appearance and price, both Red Wing and Wolverine showcases a Goodyear Welt Construction.

This ensures that every pair of boots the make will last for years. In line with that feature, both brands produces boots with leather soles that have an option of re-soling. 

Red Wing vs Wolverine: How Are They Different?

Although the Red Wing and Wolverine have some similarities, when you dig deep, you will also find a few differences between them. Here is a breakdown of what makes the Red Wing different from the Wolverine.


Looking at both the Red Wing and Wolverine, you will not discern their differences at first glance. However, looking close, you will see that the Wolverine gives off a dressier vibe over the Red Wing.

The Red Wing on the other hand, is exuding a rugged look and looks more like a work boot. So, depending on the purpose or occasion you are wearing them to, you can easily choose which brand to go with.

Leather Type

Another difference between the Red Wing and Wolverine is the type of leather used on the upper part of the boots.

The Red Wing utilizes an oil tanned leather by SB Tanning Co. This type of leather has an unfinished, rough look to it. Because of this, polishing the Red Wing is not an option. Be that as it may, it can do well against mud and snow.

Meanwhile, the Wolverine has the HorweenChromexcel Leather. This type has a more polished, soft, and conditioned finish compared to the Red Wing.

This means the Wolverine can be polished to achieve that amazing shine. Although it is also water resistant, the Wolverine requires daily maintenance to sustain its polished look.


Both the Red Wing and Wolverine are very well made. However, when it comes to durability, the Red Wing is sturdier can withstand rain, mud, and snow compared to the Wolverine.

As mentioned, that although it is water repellant, the Wolverine needs more maintenance as it is susceptible to abrasions and scratches. 


While both the Red Wing and Wolverine are resoleable, there are a few differences with their leather sole.

The Red Wing is equipped with nitrile soles paired with an all-leather insole. Its Vibram outsoles, although smooth, are fitted with small indentations. This requires the Red Wing a few weeks to break in.

On the other hand, the Wolverine’s sole is made up of stacked leather for the heel and finished with rubber.

This makes the material durable but soft at the same time. Because of this, the Wolverine requires less or more limited period of breaking in.


Getting the footwear that fits you perfectly if very important. When is comes to sizing, the Red Wing seem to carry larger sizes.

So, when buying a Red Wing boot, you might want to have a pair that is a size smaller than you actually are. As for the Wolverine, their size range tends to be closer and truer to your actual size.

Additional Features Of Red Wing

  • It has a capped toe with contrasting stitches that adds to a unique look.
  • It features Nickel hooks and eyelets for a quick lacing system and is equipped with taslan laces.
  • The Red Wing also has a steel shank for additional stability.
  • It is durable and comfortable at the same time and can serve as a work boot and a casual boot.

Additional Features Of Wolverine

  • Its Vibram heel is stitched to the leather upper.
  • The Wolverine comes with a waxed cotton lace for easy lacing.
  • The quick lacing system includes four eyelets and three hooks.
  • Handmade manufacturing of the Wolverine started around 1883.
  • It is classic and dressy looking ideal to be worn with jeans as a casual footwear.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that we have gone through the similarities and differences between the Red Wing and Wolverine, it will be easier for you to decide which of the two is best for you.

It is a given that both the Red Wing and Wolverine offers the best footwear and choosing between the two will greatly depend on the purpose or accession you are wearing them to.

Are you now able to see the similarities and differences between Red Wing vs Wolverine? Are you able to learn a thing or two in reading this article?

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