Superfeet Green vs Orange: Find Out Which Best Suits You

Primarily made and used mainly to improve the fit of the shoes, insoles have evolved significantly throughout the years. Superfeet is a famous brand that caters to and offers various needs when it comes to insoles.

With its wide variety of insole designs represented by colors, one would often wonder what is the difference between them, for example with Superfeet Green vs Orange.

In this article, I will discuss the similarities and differences between the Superfeet Green and Orange. In this way, you will have detailed knowledge of which shoe insert best fits your needs. Furthermore, I will share some additional information that may come in handy for you.

Superfeet Green vs Orange: What They Have In Common?

Superfeet has been making innovations with the way insoles are made. Superfeet Green and Orange are just two of their designs that cater to specific needs of consumers.

Both the Superfeet Green and Orange are made from cutting-edge technology materials to develop insoles created specifically for various uses, activities, and footwear styles.

The Superfeet Green and Orange are both said to be high-volume and high-profile insoles. High-volume which means these are the type of insoles that fit best into a shoe to their capacity to fill in the excess space.

Meanwhile, high-profile means that these are insoles that best fit people who have high arches. Both the Superfeet Green and Orange can be hand washed with lukewarm water and mild soap. In addition, both also can last a good 12 months or 500 miles worth of usage. 

Superfeet Green vs Orange: How Are They Different?

Although the Superfeet Green and Orange have some similarities, when you dig deep, you will also find a few differences between them. Here is a breakdown of what makes the Superfeet Green different from the Orange.

  • Design

When you first get a look of the Superfeet Green and Orange, you would notice much of a difference. However, looking close, there are a few distinguishing features for each of them.

While the Superfeet Orange features an additional padding for shock absorption, the Superfeet Green does not seem to have it. Another distinct feature that the Superfeet Orange is a narrow heel cup compared to the Superfeet Green that has a heel cup that is wider.

The Superfeet Orange is designed to provide increased cushioning and support which is the reason for its full-length responsive foam that makes a thicker insole. Concurrently, the Superfeet Green has a high-density foam but does not go full-length. 

  • Purpose

Although both the Superfeet Green and Orange have a high-profile and high-volume function, they actually differ in purpose. The Superfeet Orange is ideal if you are into high impact sports.

It ensures comfort and in relief of pain because of its increased cushioning and impact absorption feature. On the other hand, the Superfeet Green provides standard support which suits your daily activities like running and walking.

  • Feel and Performance

As for the feel, once you are wearing them, the Superfeet Orange seems a little higher. It also a bit tighter since it fills in the shoe more compared to the Superfeet Green.

You will also notice that the padding is cushier and significantly decreases impact on the feet while walking. The Superfeet Orange is best for people who have experienced pain and needs utmost support during high impact activities.

The Superfeet Green, on the other hand, may be thinner, but it is comfortable and provides the needed support for daily activities. If you prefer insoles that ride lower and not that tight to let your feet breathe, you can try the Superfeet Green.

All You Need To Know About Insoles

Insoles are designed to mainly provide an improvement to the fit of shoes. Through the years, certain innovations have added a few more benefits to wearing insoles. It can provide warmth, comfort, and fit.

Sometimes called footbeds or inner soles, they are typically worn separately or inserted inside your shoes. Be that as it may, there are also insoles that are built-in or already fixed inside the shoe.

Benefits Of Insoles

Insoles have greatly evolved throughout the years and now’, can be made specifically to your needs. Here are a few of the benefit you get for wearing insoles.

1. Improve the fit of the shoe

Initially, insoles were created for the purpose of decreasing the size of your shoes. There are shoes that fit differently or in some occasions does not come with half sizes. In order to achieve the perfect fit if your size if either too small or too big, wearing insoles is the best solution.

2. Provide insulation for your feet

Aside from providing a perfect fit for your shoes, insoles also act as an effective insulator. It can provide warmth for your feet especially during the cold weather.

3. Correct feet problems and posture

Nowadays, the design of insoles is usually incorporated with properties that can help with feet problems as well as with posture. They usually provide treatment for specifying problems that have to do with running, walking or even standing. These types of insoles are called orthotic insoles.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you have learned the difference between Superfeet Green vs Orange, you will easily determine which of the two will best suit you and during which occasion to use each of them.

Just keep in mind that wearing insoles not only provide perfect fit but it has other commendable benefits for your feet as well.

Are you now able to see the similarities and differences between Superfeet Green vs Orange? Are you able to learn a thing or two in reading this article?

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