Thorogood Boots vs Redwing: Their Differences & Finding the Best One

If you have experienced using Thorogood boots and Redwing, you will definitely agree that both brands have long-standing years when it comes to developing quality footwear.

Be that as it may, often times, the question is, what are the differences between the Thorogood boots vs Redwing? They may have a bit of similarity, but how does one differ from the other and which of the two will suit you best?

Through this guide, I will dig deep and find out the differences between the Thorogood boots and Redwing.

As a result, you will gain knowledge of which work boot best fits your needs. Additionally, I will also impart additional tips that you can use when looking for the ideal work boot.

Getting To Know Thorogood Boots and Redwing

Let us get to know these two leading brands a little bit more and discover how they began.

1. Thorogood

Thorogood was started by a footwear manufacturer, Weinbrenner back in 1918, they were mainly involved in a cobbler business including shoes and boots repair in the 18th century.

Compared to Redwing, Thorogood was introduced in the market much later. Weinbrenner began selling shoes and boots at around 1812.

They then officially launched the Thorogood brand in 1918 which is to meet the demands for specialized boots. Jobber was the first boot that they released.

It was designed to accommodate the needs of linemen, especially providing them the ability to hold on to telephone poles securely using their legs and footwear. This made the Jobber a popular work boot at that time.

Since the success of the Jobber, Thorogood then has expanded and decided to develop different designs of work boots.

It is considered that one main reason for their continued success was that they cater to various kinds of workers. They have also developed boots that have both safety and non-safety designs. 

2. Redwing

Redwing, on the other hand, started to establish its business of footwear manufacturing back in 1905.

Initially, Redwing focused on meeting the needs of workers that are associated with mining, logging, and farming. It is in the same year that they introduced their first original work boot.

This work booth showcased laces and buckles that are made to fit the boot securely. It is also made from leather material.

Ever since then, Redwing has developed and created boots and shoes that will work extremely well even under harsh working conditions and environment. One unique thing about Redwing is that they use their own premium leather for all their products.

An example of one of their excellent products is the Heritage. It is considered built-to-last and remarkably durable. Like their other work boots, it is made of leather through a Goodyear welt construction. Best of all, it has a highly durable triple stitching feature.

Thorogood Boots vs Redwing: How Are They Different?

It is a given that both the Thorogood boots and Redwing are remarkable products, but when you dig deep, you will also find a few differences between them. Here is a breakdown of what makes the Thorogood boots different from the Redwing.

1. Durability

Although both the Thorogood boots and Redwing are known to be durable working boots, there is always the one that stands out between the two.

In this case, the Thorogood boots are known to use highly durable materials that make their work boots last even when used in a harsh environment.

On the other hand, Redwing may also be manufactured utilizing durable materials, but it does not feature the same sturdy structure as the Thorogood boots have.

2. Purpose

Judging from the features and overall design of both the Thorogood boots and Redwing, it is apparent that they are suited for different purposes.

With its durable and study design, at the same time high level of comfort, the Thorogood boots are ideal for handling dangerous, hazardous, and demanding work environments.

Contrastingly, the Redwing may be designed for wear and tear, but overall they can work well for not so highly demanding activities or work environment.

3. Comfort

When it comes to comfort, the moment you wear your Thorogood boots, you will definitely notice the flexibility of its leather. While the Redwing will come off as a little stiffer and will require you to break it in for a week or so.

The Thorogood boots can be worn in comfort on the first try. All Thorogood boots also have padded insoles that provides all-day comfort.

The Redwing also provide much-needed comfort after the break-in but it still does not compare to the level of comfort the Thorogood boots give.

4. Stitching

Both the Thorogood boots and Redwing feature excellent stitching that helps prevent water from getting into your feet.

Nonetheless, the Thorogood boots have triple stitching on its vamp and counter to increase its waterproofing ability. With that said, you can make sure that your feet will remain dry when wearing the Thorogood boots.

Concluding Thoughts

It is a fact that both the Thorogood boots and Redwing have established their brands with products that are overall outstanding, high quality, and durable.

However, it is also a fact that there are differences between them that will determine which of the two suits you best. With the knowledge that you have acquired with this article, you will now easily figure out which of the two will work best for you. 

Were you able to identify the similarities and differences between Thorogood boots vs Redwing? Were you able to learn something new from this article?

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