Knowing the exact shoe size that would fit a toddler can be a challenge. For many, it is often asked, what size shoe does a two year old wear?

This question can be a bit difficult to answer, but if you have a more thorough understanding of what and how to choose shoe sizes for toddlers, it can significantly give you a more distinct perspective.

Recognizing all these important elements when it comes to shoe sizes for toddlers has its benefits.

With this guide, I will assist you in finding the answer to the question, what size shoe does a two year old wear. Plus, I will also touch on some vital tips you need to know.

What Size Shoe Does A Two Year Old Wear?

It is a familiar question of what size shoe does a two year old wear. Many are puzzled over this since babies oftentimes have unpredictable growth rate.

This means their shoe size is not at all standard for all two-year-olds. Another factor to also consider is gender, for the reason that male babies usually are one size larger compared to girls.

Be that as it may to give you a general idea of how shoe sizing works for toddlers, a two-year-old’s feet should fit into a size 5 for girls and a size 6 for boys.

It is also important that you look into how narrow or wide your toddler’s feet are. To properly address this, it is most adequate to opt for shoes that have adjustable velcro straps.

How To Accurately Measure A Two Year Old’s Feet?

To avoid making mistakes in buying the shoes that will best fit your two year old, taking an accurate measure of their feet is an effective way. Here are steps that you can use to accurately measure a toddler’s feet.

  • The first thing to do is to get them to wear socks.
  • Get a piece of paper and lay it on a flat surface. Make your toddler stand on it and be still as possible.
  • Using a pencil or a marker, outline your toddler’s feet.
  • To find out the accurate length of your toddler’s feet, use a ruler and measure it from the toe to the heel based on the outline you made.
  • Once you have obtained the measurement of your toddler’s feet based on the outline, you can determine the shoe size by adding a one to the measurement. As an example, a measure of 5 inches will generally fit into a size 6 shoe.

Important Tips To Remember When Buying Shoes For A Two Year Old

1. Even if you have gone through the process of measuring the size of feet of your two year old, it is best that you bring them with you when shopping for their shoes.

You must keep in mind that not all brands of shoes carry the exact sizing for shoes. It is best if you have your two year old with you so you can see if the shoes fit them well.

2. Another vital tip is to buy a shoe that is a size larger than the true size of your two year old. The reason for this is that toddlers grow up at an unexpected rate.

For all you know your two year old’s shoe size can change in just a number of months. It is best that you purchase a shoe that can fit him or her for a long period of time rather than buying a new pair every time he or she outgrows the shoe.

3. If in case you are not able to bring your two year old with you while shopping, always bring the paper outline of their feet measurement. In this way, you will have a clear basis of which size to choose.

You also need to buy the shoes right after you have obtained the measurement. Since your two year old is growing fast, delays in buying means their size could have changed already, making it harder for you to determine which size is right for them.

4. You also need to keep in mind that your two year old must be comfortable with the shoes you are buying. For this, it is best that you skip purchasing shoes that are leaning more towards the fashionable side than comfort.

Shoes like boots, sandals or with heels will not be comfortable to walk in for toddlers especially considering how active they are at this stage. It is better to stick with closed and comfortable shoes that have adjustable straps to make sure their feet are secured.


As a conclusion, determining what size shoe two year old wear can be very tricky. This is for the reason that babies grow at different rates which goes the same with their shoe size.

Additionally, gender is another factor in determining the shoe size of a two year old. Be that as it may, as a general rule, two year old’s could fit into a size 5 for girls and a size 6 for boys.

Nevertheless, you also need to consider that when buying the right shoes, it is best to have them with you and purchase a shoe that is a size larger so they will not outgrow them easily.

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